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ONLYFRUIT was established in 2012.

The company was formed by Francesca Paoli and Julio Abarca, who after many years in the food sector, selling fruit, now produce and export directly in their factory, situated in Zaidín (Huesca).

The company has an excellent reputation, and today works with companies who are recognised both in Spain and in European countries.

As Francesca and Julio say: "Over time we have built a solid relationship with our clients based on trust and the quality of our products"

global GAP

Quality certificate

The company has the Global Gap quality certificate, ensuring that food is compliant with established quality and safety standards, and that it has been produced according to sustainability criteria, respecting the environment and the safety, health and welfare of the workers and also animals.


Finding the best farmers in order to provide the highest quality to the client.

Monitoring the quality of the fruit from its entry to its exit from our warehouses, pallet by pallet.

Provide our customers with what they require, on time and at the agreed quality.


Francesca Paoli

Francesca Paoli


0034 627 286 415

Julio Abarca Cuevas

Julio Abarca Cuevas

Sales Manager
0034 610 732 025

You can also contact us at::

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