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Doughnut peaches share common characteristics with nectarines with which they shares genes; their smooth skin, colours, flattened shape and sweet taste are very appealing.

Cultivation, as with the saturn peach, is limited mainly to temperate zones, with Spain therefore being one of the biggest producers. The major growing areas are Aragon, Murcia and Lerida. The growing area has expanded hugely in the last few years thanks to high consumer demand, the fact it is easy to eat due to its flat shape and its excellent sweet flavour.

Nectarines have a squashed, flat shape. Its skin is smooth, shiny and hairless. Its uniform and intense colour encompasses almost the shades of pink and red.

It has a juicy and perfumed pulp and a wide range of sweet aromas.

Its size ranges from diameter C which is 56-61mm up to a width of more than 80mm diameter.

The properties of the doughnut peach, like those of the nectarine, are excellent as it is rich in carotenes, with anti-cancer and antioxidant properties, especially advisable for protecting against stomach cancer.

Its high concentration of nutrients makes it a fruit that is recommended for people on diets.


Our varieties of doughnut peach

  • delfin
  • mesembrine
  • platinet3
  • subirana
  • platimoon
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