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It is a fruit that is derived from the mutation of common peaches and the big difference with the latter is that it is hairless.

The most significant fact and that characterises the nectarine is the widespread availability of new varieties which is the result of constant innovation in types of fruit and harvesting dates.

The Spanish production sector has the best variety renewal rate in the European Union and has made a firm commitment to planting new varieties based on obtaining maximum flavour and colour. The nectarine is the most important fruit in terms of regional and national stone fruits.

Its skin is smooth, shiny and hairless. Their uniform and intense colour encompasses all the shades of red, including oranges and pinks.

With a perfumed and juicy pulp, it has a wide range of sweet aromas and has a more intense flavour than a peach.

Its size ranges from diameter C which is 56-61mm up to a width of up to 80mm diameter.

Nectarines are particularly high in Vitamin A and C, beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Like peaches, nectarines are a powerful antioxidant, skin cleanser, laxative and are easily digestible.

Nectarines are an effective summer remedy. They restore minerals that are lost through perspiration. They are ideal for diets due to their low calorie content and their diuretic properties. They also contains pectin (soluble fiber), as a result of which they have laxative properties.


Our varieties of nectarine

  • big bang: A round fruit, of average diameter, bright red over its entire surface, yellow flesh, firm and sweet.
  • big top: Round fruit, large diameter, intense red colour over its entire surface, yellow flesh, firm and sweet.
  • luciana: Round fruit, large diameter, intense red, very attractive, crunchy texture, firm and sweet.
  • honey blaze: Fruit with yellow flesh, round, dark red, bright, firm, with a high sugar content and juicy.
  • diamond ray: Round fruit, with a fleshy pulp, yellow flesh, skin of different shades of red and a sweet taste.
  • honey royal: Round fruit, red skin, yellow flesh and very sweet.
  • red jim: Lage diameter fruit, round, red and with firm flesh.
  • honey cascade: Round slightly oblong fruit, red skin, yellow flesh and very sweet.
Fruit calendar
Kiwis * * * * *              
Peaches         * * * * * *    
Nectarines         * * * * * *    
Saturn peaches           * * * * *    
Doughnut peaches           * * * *      
Abate * * *           * * * *
Blanquilla                 * * * *
Conférence * * * * *           * *
Ercolini             *          
Williams                 * * * *

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