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Spain is the second biggest European producer of peaches and second or third in the world, alongside the United States, if China is excepted.

In Spain the average annual production of peaches is around a million tonnes, which makes it the most produced fruit in the country.

Peach cultivation is mainly located in the regions of the Mediterranean arc. Our region of the Aragon Strip is considered as excellent area for cultivation.

The most significant fact and that characterises the peach, is the widespread availability of new varieties which is the result of constant innovation in types of fruit and harvesting dates. The Spanish production sector has the best variety renewal rate in the European Union and has made a firm commitment to planting new varieties.

Their skin is smooth and velvety. Their uniform and intense colour encompasses all the shades of red, including oranges and pinks.

With a perfumed and juicy pulp, they have a wide range of aromas and those with orangey red flesh are slightly more acidic

Its size ranges from diameter C which is 56-61mm up to a width of up to 80mm diameter.

Peaches are particularly rich in fibre, helping with digestion and also act as a laxative. This property also helps to reduce cholesterol levels, as well as regulating blood glucose.

They also contains water-soluble vitamins, in particular provitamin A with its antioxidant properties, improving vision, skin condition, hair, mucous membranes, bones and the resistance of the immune system.


Our varieties of peach

  • EARLY RICH: Fruit with red skin and yellow flesh.
  • RUBY RICH:A round or slightly oval fruit, medium diameter, high colouration and yellow flesh, firm, with a fine and juicy texture.
  • ROYAL GLORY:Intense red fruit, firm pulp, juicy and semi atatched to the stone.
  • crimson lady:Fruit with red skin and yellow flesh.
  • ROME STAR:Fruit with an intense orangey red colour, round, regular, with a slightly marked suture, firm flesh, juicy, slightly fibrous, not attached to the stone and with high sugar content.
  • SWEET DREAM: Round fruit, red skin with yellow flesh, attached to the stone and sweet.
  • RYAN SUN:Good-sized fruit, round, reddish-maroon, yellow and aromatic flesh.
  • TARDIBELLE:Vey-good sized fruit, oval and regular, reddish orange with firm flesh, fine texture or slightly fibrous, separable from the stone.
Fruit calendar
Kiwis * * * * *              
Peaches         * * * * * *    
Nectarines         * * * * * *    
Saturn peaches           * * * * *    
Doughnut peaches           * * * *      
Abate * * *           * * * *
Blanquilla                 * * * *
Conférence * * * * *           * *
Ercolini             *          
Williams                 * * * *

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