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Pears are particularly fragrant and juicy and are available throughout the year. The fruit of the pear tree has skin that can be of many different colours, from green to yellow, red, even brown, depending on the variety of pear produced and marketed on the fruit and vegetable market.

The pear is formed of the mesocarp or pulp, that may be crunchy, buttery or silky.

As there are many varieties of pear that are cultivated and present on the world fruit and vegetable market, pears are easily available throughout the year. There are in fact summer varieties and winter varieties, which are distinguished by their ripening times and vary in colour, size, form and flavour.

Pears are refreshing and nutritious and they provide minerals and trace elements (copper, magnesium, iodine and especially potassium), vitamins and enzymes. Pears are rich in vitamin C, B complex vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid) and they contain some vitamin A and small amounts of vitamin E and K.

They are particularly high in carbohydrates, almost 12%, which are in the form of simple sugars. They also provide minerals, such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, iodine and especially potassium.

Pears have a high water content (more than 85%), therefore they provide little energy, 100g providing only 61 Kcal. It has one of the highest fibre contents among fruit.

This fruit is a source of quick energy. One pear (150g) provides approximately 70 calories, most of which in the form of sugars, but due to the presence of levulose it is very well tolerated by diabetics.


Our varieties of pear

  • ABATE: Green skin with a slight crimson blush from exposure to the sun. It is an elongated fruit with white flesh, that is slightly garnular and sweet.
  • BLANQUILLA: Green skin with some red from exposure to the sun, fine flesh, juicy and sweet.
  • LIMONERA: Green skin with a slight crimson blush from exposure to the sun, marked lenticels, white granular flesh, a sweet flavour and lightly perfumed.
  • WILLIAMS: Green skin with marked lenticels, white flesh, granular and a sweet flavour.
  • ERCOLINI: Green skin with a slight crimson blush from exposure to the sun, white and fine flesh and a sweet flavour.
  • CONFERENCE: Elongated fruit with rusty green skin, fine luscious flesh, very juicy and sweet.
Fruit calendar
Kiwis * * * * *              
Peaches         * * * * * *    
Nectarines         * * * * * *    
Saturn peaches           * * * * *    
Doughnut peaches           * * * *      
Abate * * *           * * * *
Blanquilla                 * * * *
Conférence * * * * *           * *
Ercolini             *          
Williams                 * * * *

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